The Bank of Japan maintains the interest rate unchanged, and the yen hits a 34-year low.

The Malaysian prime minister, Anwar, denied that the Forest City would open a casino in Malaysia.

The Israeli army said it was ready to launch a ground war on Rafah.

Biden has signed a bill involving the mandatory divestiture of TikTok.

Five military horses of the British Royal Cavalry went missing.

Yellen: China and the US will have new exchanges on economic balanced growth and money laundering.

The US saw the number of initial jobless claims fall to 211,000 last week.

The United States and the United Kingdom accuse China of cyberattacks: pure political manipulation

Breaking news! Russia launches large-scale attacks.

The US revises export restrictions on Chinese chips

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South Korea's economic growth unexpectedly accelerated in the first quarter.

The preliminary data released by South Korea shows that the local economy grew by 1.3%…

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TikTok's chief executive vows to challenge the ban.

Short-video platform TikTok's chief executive Shou Zi Chew said that it will challenge the new…

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Israel carried out a large-scale attack on Lebanon.

On April 24th, local time, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces said that the…

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South Korea's birth population in February fell below 20,000, hitting a new low.

Enlarge the picture. The latest population trend data released by the Statistics Office of South…

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The Russian deputy defense minister, Ivanov, was detained on suspicion of taking bribes.

Russia's Investigative Committee announced on social platforms that Deputy Defense Minister Ivanov was detained on…

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