Netanyahu agrees to send another delegation to talks

As the war in Gaza continues, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agrees to send delegations to Egypt and Qatar to attend negotiations to discuss a temporary ceasefire and exchange of hostages.
The Prime Minister's Office stated that Netanyahu has discussed with the heads of the National Security Agency and the intelligence services and approved a delegation composed of the two agencies to travel to Doha and Cairo again next week for negotiations.

Israel recently pointed out that the armed organization Hamas rejected the currently proposed ceasefire plan and decided to recall the negotiating delegation in Doha. It also questioned the UN Security Council's adoption of a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during the holy month of Ramadan, hindering negotiations.

It is reported that the United States and Israel will discuss the Rafah operation as soon as Monday. CNN reported that the United States and Israel will reschedule high-level talks in Washington as soon as next Monday to discuss the Israeli army's plan to launch a ground operation in Rafah in southern Gaza.

Reports indicate that Israel is dealing with the controversy over domestic ultra-Orthodox Jews joining the army, complicating the timing of the talks. The Israeli delegation suggested rescheduling the talks for next Monday, but U.S. officials said a date for the talks has not yet been finalized. The United States and Israel had earlier agreed to hold a meeting in Washington early this week to discuss military operations in Rafah. However, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently decided to cancel the visit of a high-level delegation in response to the United States' failure to oppose the United Nations Security Council resolution on the ceasefire in Gaza. beautiful.

On the other hand, the Israeli army continues to intensively bomb many areas in Gaza. The Gaza Ministry of Health stated that at least 71 people were killed and 112 injured in the past day. In two refugee camps in central Gaza, multiple homes were hit by air strikes, killing at least 11 people.

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