Israel carried out a large-scale attack on Lebanon.

On April 24th, local time, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces said that the Israel Defense Forces carried out a large-scale attack on about 40 Hezbollah targets in the Etaa Ash Shaab area in southern Lebanon. The targets of the attack include the storage facilities, weapons, and other infrastructure used by Hezbollah in the area.

The spokesperson of the Israel Defense Forces said that Hezbollah has deployed dozens of means and infrastructure in the area where it was attacked to carry out attacks on Israel's rear. The Lebanese side has no response to this for the time being.

On April 24th, local time, the Israel Defense Forces issued a statement announcing that it would strike Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon. Within about 1 hour after the statement was released, Israel launched more than ten air strikes on the Etaa Ash Shaab and Ramiye areas in southern Lebanon. Another report from the Lebanese National News Agency stated that the Israeli military aircraft launched at least 13 attacks in multiple areas in southern Lebanon on the 24th.

At the same time, the Israeli military announced that it would send two additional reserve brigades to participate in the ground military operations in the Gaza Strip.

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