Microsoft and OpenAI reportedly plan to build a $100 billion data center

US news outlet The Information cited sources as saying that Microsoft and AI company OpenAI plan to push forward a $100 billion data center project involving the construction of a super-AI computer, Stargate.

According to the report, Microsoft's role in the project is that of a funder, and OpenAI will be the main planner of the project.

Microsoft's management and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman have agreed to develop the data center plan in five phases, and the current phase is the third. Stargate is the project that will be completed in the final stage and is expected to be put into use as soon as 2028.

One source said that Microsoft is planning to promote the Stargate project in four phases, with a proposed scale smaller than the one proposed by Altman, and the date of use is 2026.

Microsoft and OpenAI have not responded to inquiries.

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