Elon Musk challenges Brazilian Supreme Court judge's ruling to ban X accounts.

Billionaire Elon Musk is challenging a decision by a judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil that directed the social media X he owns to ban a number of accounts, and has called for the judge to be removed.

Brazil's Justice Minister, Jorge Messias, has criticized Musk's approach and called for strict regulation of X and all overseas social platforms to comply with the law. The Supreme Court of Brazil has not responded to inquiries.

Musk posted on X last Saturday, stating that Supreme Court judge Alexandre de Moraes had ruled that the platform must ban the operation of a number of accounts and must not make the relevant information public, otherwise it would face huge fines to be paid, employees could be arrested, and even stop its business in Brazil, but he would not compromise because of this.

He believes that the relevant decision is unconstitutional. He posted on Sunday that X will maintain the operation of the relevant accounts and called for the judge to resign or be removed.

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