LG plans to invest nearly 74 billion in Korea in the next 5 yearsVolcano near Iceland’s main airport

Yonhap News Agency reported that LG Group released a medium and long-term investment plan, and will invest about 100 trillion won in South Korea in the next 5 years, half of which will be used in future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), biology, and clean technology, as well as in areas such as batteries, auto parts, and new-generation displays.

LG stated that 55% of the investment will be used for scientific research and experimental development (R&D), creating a local R&D center for key materials and core manufacturing bases such as smart factories.

The report pointed out that Koo Kwang-mo, the chairman of the LG Group, defined AI, biology, and clean technology as the main growth drivers in the future. He visited Boston, USA and Toronto, Canada in August last year to inspect the preparations and development strategies for the group's biology and AI businesses for the future.

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