The Japanese Cabinet finalizes the export of next-generation fighter jets to third countries

Kyodo News reported that the Japanese government's cabinet meeting has been finalized, and the next-generation fighter jets jointly developed with the UK and Italy can be exported to third countries.

Japan has always restricted the export of weapons, but after lifting the ban on the export of manufactured licensed products obtained with the permission of foreign companies last December, it has relaxed the rules this time to lift the ban on the export of fighter jets with strong lethality.

Japanese Defense Minister Kinoshita Nobuori said at a press conference that he will strive to realize fighter jets that are in line with Japan's security environment, and will continue to adhere to the basic concept of being a peaceful country through a strict decision-making process.

Japan has concluded relevant agreements with 15 countries such as the United States, India, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates, and is also in negotiations with many parties. The number of countries that can be exported may increase.

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