Israelis protest on the streets of Jerusalem, demanding hostages return home

Thousands of Israelis took to the streets of Jerusalem today, demanding that the Israeli hostages held in Gaza return home and that Prime Minister Netanyahu step down. This was the second consecutive night of large-scale protests in Jerusalem.

Demonstrators earlier held a large rally in front of the parliament building, many waving Israeli flags.

Protesters at the scene shouted for Benjamin Netanyahu to "step down", and the police deployed high-pressure water cannons to deal with the protesters. Protesters claimed that this was the largest protest in Jerusalem since the Gaza war broke out in October last year.

Pressure is mounting on Netanyahu as opposition to the right-wing government and the hostages' families find common cause.

Families of the hostages said they would take to the streets every night this week to bring their abducted family members home.

Many protesters held up posters showing pictures of Netanyahu with his "bloody face" and accused him of failing to protect the country from the Palestinian armed group Hamas.

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