Cherry blossoms in Tokyo bloom today, and the peak is expected next week

The Japan Meteorological Agency said on Friday (29th) that cherry blossoms in the central areas of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Takamatsu have bloomed. The low temperatures in the second half of February this year have delayed the arrival of spring in various places compared to previous years. It is expected that the western and eastern Japan will welcome the peak of blossoming next week, and the "cherry blossom front" will reach the Hokuriku and Tohoku regions in early April and move north to Hokkaido in the later part of the month.

The observatory said that this year's blossoming is 15 days later than last year, the earliest in observation history, and 5 days later than usual. The last time the cherry blossoms in the center of Tokyo bloomed later than in previous years was in 2014, 10 years ago. Kyoto became the earliest place to bloom in the Kinki region this year, 3 days later than usual and 12 days later than last year.

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