Japan will trial a new system in April to pre-check foreign tourists’ information

The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) reported on March 30 that Japan’s Immigration and Immigration Agency decided to launch a test of the foreign information comparison system in April, and will pre-review foreign passenger information at the departure airport. The system is designed to identify whether foreigners boarding a plane have criminal records, and the immigration management department will notify the airline of the identification results.

Once the system is launched, when foreigners traveling to Japan check in at the departure airport, their passport and other information will be transmitted to the Japanese immigration management department through the airline and compared in its database.

Reports indicate that if the person boarding the plane is found to be a recorded terrorist, a person who has served a term of imprisonment of one year or more in Japan or other countries, or a person with a record of illegal stay in Japan, etc., the immigration management department will Notify the airline of the information comparison results, and the airline will judge whether to allow the person to board the plane.

The Immigration and Immigration Agency aims to reduce repatriation costs and prevent terrorism through this procedure, as well as ease immigration inspection congestion.

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