Two accidents of United Airlines in one day, 22 passengers were injured due to strong winds and air currents

Two accidents occurred within one day for United Airlines in the United States, and the Federal Aviation Administration will investigate.

A United Boeing 787 passenger plane flying from Tel Aviv, Israel, to New Jersey was about to land on Friday evening when the wind direction suddenly changed. The plane encountered strong winds and air currents, and finally diverted to New York and landed safely at Stewart International Airport. At least 22 passengers were injured, and 7 of them were sent to the hospital.

Many passengers reported feeling unwell, some had chest pain, and some described the incident as like riding a roller coaster. Another United Airlines Boeing 777 passenger plane had a malfunction in one of its engines on its way from San Francisco to Paris on Thursday evening and had to divert to Denver. It eventually landed safely, and the passengers disembarked normally.

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