China and the US resume maritime military security meetings.

The working group meeting of the China-US Maritime Military Security Consultation Mechanism was held in Hawaii, USA from the 3rd to the 4th of this month. It was the first maritime military security meeting between China and the US in more than two years.

The Ministry of National Defense of China stated that the safety of warships and aircraft is closely related to national security. China firmly opposes any act that endangers China's sovereignty and security in the name of freedom of navigation and overflight. The Chinese military will continue to respond to all dangerous and provocative actions in accordance with the law and regulations, and firmly safeguard its own territorial sovereignty, maritime rights and interests, and regional peace, stability and prosperity.

The Ministry of National Defense pointed out that on the basis of equality and respect, the two sides had frank and constructive exchanges on the current situation of Sino-US maritime and air security, evaluated the implementation of the "Code of Conduct for Safe Encounters Between China and the US in Maritime and Airspace" since the 2021 Sino-US Maritime Military Security Consultation Mechanism meeting, and discussed measures to improve Sino-US maritime military security issues.

The US military issued a statement saying that officials from the two countries reviewed security-related events in the past few years and discussed issues related to maintaining the safety and professionalism of maritime and air operations.

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