The Baltimore Bridge in Maryland, USA, collapsed with 6 people missing

The Baltimore Bridge in Maryland, USA, was hit by a container ship on Tuesday and collapsed. Eight maintenance workers working on the bridge fell into the river. Two were rescued, while the other six workers were missing and presumed dead. Divers retrieved the bodies of two of them from the water.

Maryland police said divers found the bodies of two missing workers in a red pickup truck submerged 7 meters underwater on Wednesday. The two were a 26-year-old and a 35-year-old man, from Mexico and Guatemala respectively. The other missing workers are from Honduras and El Salvador.

Authorities also said they believed that other vehicles carrying the victims were surrounded by the wreckage of the collapsed bridge, posing a danger to the divers, and decided to suspend the search. Once the wreckage is cleared, the divers will resume the search.

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