A male body was found in the moat of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Around 8:55 am on the 12th, a cleaning staff saw an object floating on the water in the moat of the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo while working. After careful observation, it was found that the floating object was suspected to be the body of a male, and then the cleaning staff immediately called the police. The police arrived shortly afterwards and immediately carried out the salvage.

It is understood that the one salvaged ashore was the body of a male wearing a dark blue coat and carrying a tan backpack on his back. From the items carried by the male, it can be known that this male lives in Tokyo and is already in his 70s this year. According to the personnel involved in the on-site salvage, the body has no obvious external injuries. The Japanese police plan to carry out investigations from both the event and the accident in the next step.

Some media said that the place where the body was found was near the Shimizu Gate, about 400 meters southeast of the Tokyo Metro 9th Section Station. This location is very close to the Chiyoda Ward Office. People usually come and go. It is really hard to imagine why such a thing happened.

Because the location where the body was found is just outside the Imperial Palace where the Japanese emperor and empress live, once the incident was reported, it has attracted considerable attention. Japanese netizens have commented one after another:
Was it because when enjoying the "night cherry blossoms" in Chidori-ga-fuchi, standing in a dangerous place to take pictures that the falling into the water accident occurred?
If it is suicide, this is a great disrespect crime!
Whether it is the monitoring or the police's guard here, it should be the most tightly controlled place in Japan.
In particular, for the police on duty that day, were they working?
Did they miss the moment when someone fell into the water or someone dumped the body?

There is also a netizen who said: Now the Imperial Palace in Japan can become a haunted house!!!

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