Accused of illegal fundraising, Peru president claims innocence and will not resign

Peru's first female president, Dina Boluarte, has been accused of illegal fundraising. The prosecution and police forced their way into her private residence for a search late Friday night, seizing related items, and also conducted a surprise search of the presidential palace in the early hours of Saturday. Boluarte claimed her innocence, stating that she would not resign and would complete her term until 2026.

Boluarte gave a televised speech at the presidential palace in Lima, the capital, on Saturday, accompanied by members of the cabinet, in response to the late-night break-in and search of her private residence by about 40 police officers and members of the prosecution. She was dissatisfied with the rough nature of the search operation and the insufficient time given to her half-asleep family to dress neatly and answer the door.

Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen also expressed his support for Boluarte, criticizing the search operation as excessive and unconstitutional, accusing it of affecting the country's development by creating political noise and hindering investment, and calling on political and social forces to monitor the constitutional order.

The authorities said they would review Boluarte's asset declaration records for the past two years.

Local media reported that Boluarte was accused of owning several undeclared luxury watches and was under investigation for alleged illegal fundraising. Boluarte has stated that everything she owns was earned through hard work since she was young.

The 61-year-old Boluarte began serving as Peru's vice-president in July 2021 and was sworn in as president on December 7, 2022, replacing former president Pedro Castillo, who was impeached and removed from office by Congress on suspicion of corruption, becoming Peru's first female president.

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