The only daughter of the Japanese emperor goes to work for the first day, and the salary of Princess Aiko is exposed.

April 1st is the first day for new employees in Japan to go to the workplace. This year is no exception, but the situation of a woman going to the workplace this year has attracted the attention of the whole Japanese people, and many Japanese media have live broadcasted on the scene!

That's right, this new female employee is the only daughter of the current Japanese emperor - Princess Aiko!

Early in the morning on April 1st, under the attention of the media throughout Japan, Princess Aiko went to the headquarters of the Japanese Red Cross Society to report. After the report, when she left the building of the Japanese Red Cross Society, Princess Aiko accepted an interview from reporters.

Reporter: Can you talk about your mood on the first day of work? What did the emperor and empress say to you in the morning?

Aiko: Just now, I went to visit Mr. the president and received very warm encouragement. I took the first step as a member of society, which made me happy and a little nervous. When I went out in the morning, my parents said to me, "You have to work hard." In the future, I will be a member of society. I hope I can adapt to this job as soon as possible and play my role. I will work hard, thank you all!

Princess Aiko, who went to work on the first day, became one of the hottest topics in Japan on April 1st. Many Japanese netizens sent their blessings to the new workplace - Princess Aiko on the Internet.

It is understood that there are a total of 8 new workplace employees who joined the Japanese Red Cross Society on April 1st, and Aiko was assigned to the department responsible for training volunteers.

In the future, Princess Aiko will perform the obligations of the Japanese royal family and work, and engage in the work of the Japanese Red Cross Society in her spare time. Some media reported that since Princess Aiko is not a full-time employee of the Japanese Red Cross Society, Aiko's monthly salary is 80,000 yen.

Today, on April 2nd, Princess Aiko just specially answered in writing the marriage views that the Japanese people are concerned about:

When talking about her views on marriage, Aiko said, "I hope to find a partner who can make each other smile when they are together, just like parents care about each other. It may be unbelievable to say it. I have heard my parents tell the story of their encounter and love. I am really touched."

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