Red koji | Victims "had dark brown urine" after taking Kobayashi Pharmaceutical health supplements

It is suspected that the red koji health supplements produced by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan contain the highly toxic substance "penicillium melleum acid", which causes problems with the kidneys of consumers after consumption. So far, 5 people have died and 114 people have been hospitalized. A male victim told NHK about the process of his illness, saying that after taking the problematic red koji health supplements of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he developed a urethral inflammation.

This man in his 40s initially bought "Red Koji Cholesterol HELP" at the recommendation of the pharmacy because he found that his cholesterol was above the standard in a health check last August and took three capsules as directed every day. But about two weeks later, he found that his urine turned dark brown.

Since he didn't know it was because of "Red Koji Cholesterol HELP" at that time, the man continued to take it, and then developed symptoms such as a stabbing pain in the bladder and difficulty in urinating.

The man already had chronic kidney disease and needed to go to the hospital for regular follow-ups. When he was examined in September, it was found that there was urethral inflammation and underwent surgical treatment, and was hospitalized for a week. The doctor did not know the cause of the inflammation at that time, only saying that it had nothing to do with his chronic disease.

It wasn't until the news of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was exposed that he realized that he had also become a victim.

The man said that he had reported to the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical service desk, but since he had discarded the product packaging, the other party initially replied that there was no serial number to confirm, and then received a phone call two days later to inquire about the condition and details. "I didn't expect that red koji health supplements would cause such a disease, and I also have severe symptoms, so I'm quite scared. Especially seeing the continuous expansion of the extent of the victim, this kind of unknown terror really only those who have eaten it can understand."

Although Kobayashi Pharmaceutical President Kobayashi Akihiro has come forward to hold a press conference to apologize, the outside world still questions why the company delayed for two months before making it public, and many affected consumers are also quite dissatisfied.

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