Britain's royal family | King Charles has pancreatic cancer and only 2 years left to live.

The royal family is making arrangements for the funeral. King Charles III (King Charles III) announced earlier that he had cancer, but did not reveal what kind of cancer it was. Some foreign media obtained information from sources that Charles suffered from pancreatic cancer and probably only had two years left to live. The funeral arrangements have now begun, "Operation Menai Bridge".

Recent situation of Charles:
It is pointed out that Charles is very weak and is unable to manage family conflicts and responsibilities. American media "In Touch" quoted a royal source as revealing that Charles suffered from pancreatic cancer and has now begun to arrange the details of the funeral. It is said that "in the British royal family, this is a quite common thing, but in the case of Charles (suffering from cancer), the expedient measure is necessary. Some ministers believe that Charles' cancer is more serious than the official said."

The report also quoted another source as saying that Charles' condition is much more serious than what the royal family has disclosed. He is likely to only have two years left to live, and is simply unable to manage the internal conflicts of his family, the commercial interests of the royal family, and fulfill the daily responsibilities of the royal family. It also said: "Cancer is eating away at his life. He is very weak and the situation is very desperate." (His cancer is eating him alive. He’s very frail. The situation is desperate.)

It is pointed out that Charles believes that William is not ready to succeed.
The report quoted a third source on the issue of succession, saying that Charles believes that William is not ready to succeed because Charles knows the pressure of being a monarch. He is just not sure whether William is ready, especially in the case of Catherine, Princess of Wales, also suffering from cancer. All of this seems a bit too early.

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