Only "Chinese" are received in Japan! Exposure of illegal brothels

More and more Chinese people are going to Japan to engage in various "consumption" activities, including illegal sex brothels. Some stores even promote vigorously on Weibo, with annual profits reaching tens of millions of yen. Now, Japanese media have also begun to dispatch Chinese-speaking reporters to conduct undercover investigations and expose the inside story of these brothels specially set up for the Chinese.

According to "FRIDAY" reports, the Chinese reporter of the weekly secretly entered a brothel named "Lover of Wolves." This store opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo more than ten years ago, and its business model is illegal. These brothels usually operate under the name of a massage parlor and are located in a messy neighborhood where residential and commercial areas are mixed. After entering the store, in addition to seeing the Chinese-style decorations, there are multiple small rooms with single beds. According to the reporter's description, these small rooms are filled with the smell of mold, sweat, and semen. This atmosphere is believed to stimulate customers, and the rooms are separated by only thin wooden boards. Subsequently, the reporter chose a 20-year-old black-haired woman with a price of 10,000 yen for service.

The consumption price of these brothels generally starts at 10,000 yen per hour, and the price of the women will increase with their popularity. Other special services require additional fees.Interestingly, this brothel "is only open to Chinese guests." When "FRIDAY" weekly specifically sent a Japanese reporter to consume, he was immediately rejected by the store. The report also mentioned that this store was reported by the weekly in 2019, briefly closed, but soon resumed business and has been operating continuously for 4 years.

However, in February of this year, the brothel named "Lover of Wolves" was investigated by the Ikebukuro Police Station of the Metropolitan Police Department, and 5 operators were arrested for "violating the Law on the Prevention of Prostitution," including Chinese and Japanese nationals. The main suspect is a 70-year-old Chinese man who has obtained Japanese citizenship. In addition, a Chinese female employee was also arrested for "violating the Immigration Control Law." The report also pointed out that there are at least 20 more "Chinese-only brothels" like this in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Now, in addition to cracking down on the increasing number of "Chinese white plates," that is, illegal online car-hailing, the Japanese police will also launch a new round of crackdowns on illegal Chinese-style brothels.

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