Conditions for the Japanese business management visa are further relaxed.

The data shown in “Revealing the Global Wealth Migration” shows that Japan has become one of the popular immigration destinations for the Chinese.According to statistics, there are now more than one million Chinese in Japan, and many of them regard the “business management visa” as an important channel for immigrating to Japan. By the end of 2023, there were more than 37,000 foreigners holding a business management visa in Japan, the majority of whom were Chinese.Under the current policy, there are certain thresholds for obtaining a business management visa. Specifically, it is required to:① Have a legal place of business.② Employ at least two full-time employees.③ The investment amount needs to reach more than 5 million yen.These requirements undoubtedly set certain challenges for those who are eager to carry out business management activities in Japan.Various policies in Japan recently are trying to lower the threshold for entrepreneurship to attract more foreign entrepreneurs, introduce international advanced technologies and innovative thinking, and thus promote the vitality of the economy.Last year, the Japanese government announced a new policy to further attract and support international students from specific universities to start businesses in Japan. These international students will enjoy more lenient requirements for independent offices and capital when starting a business.Specifically, even if they do not have a fixed office location in Japan or meet specific investment amounts, with a detailed “business plan”, as long as their project plans are approved, they can obtain an investment business visa in Japan for up to two years.The Japanese government also plans to expand this system nationwide in 2024, which undoubtedly greatly relaxes the application conditions for the management visa.In addition, in order to further enhance the convenience and comfort of foreign entrepreneurs, Japan intends to accelerate the digitalization of administrative procedures and take measures to address possible language barriers and other issues, providing a more friendly and efficient entrepreneurial environment for foreign entrepreneurs.This series of measures will stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of more foreign students and promote the diversification and internationalization of the Japanese economy.Recently, the Japan Immigration Services Agency announced that it plans to make significant adjustments to the “investment business visa” required by foreign entrepreneurs to further relax the relevant requirements.Under the new regulations, in addition to the previous 5 million yen in cash capital, entrepreneurs will also be allowed to combine the funds obtained through paid new share subscription rights. That is, entrepreneurs can raise the start-up funds needed for entrepreneurship through emerging corporate financing methods, such as paid new share subscription rights (J-KISS type).

This policy adjustment aims to provide foreign entrepreneurs with more flexible and diverse sources of capital and further simplify the application process, creating more convenient conditions for investment and business activities in Japan.

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