A large number of Hokkaido ark shells were washed ashore, and people flocked to them.

Hokkaido is inundated with a large number of ark shells and people flock to it. Recently, the coasts of Hokkaido are covered with "ark shells" that can only be seen in high-end sushi restaurants. The number is staggering. The point is that anyone who wants to pick them up can do so, and it's even okay to use a truck to transport them.

In the past two days, the beaches in Hokuto, Hokkaido, have been covered with a large number of ark shells, and the sandy beach cannot be seen even when looking around. The hundreds of meters long beach is filled with ark shells the size of a child's fist.

People who heard the news rushed to pick them up, some with baskets and some with buckets. Some people thought the basket was too small, so they drove a light truck over and directly poured the ark shells into the back of the truck.

Some people are even more exaggerated, regardless of the taste, they directly threw all the picked ark shells into the trunk of the car…

Why is this happening?

In the face of the reporter's interview, local residents also expressed bewilderment: "I have never seen so many ark shells before…"

Hokuto, Hokkaido, is a well-known ark shell producing area in Japan. Due to the large size and thick flesh of the ark shells produced here, they are excellent ingredients whether used for sashimi or cooked with rice.

So when people heard that a large number of ark shells had been washed ashore, they flocked to them.

However, not all kinds of ark shells are picked up. Because there is a rule in the local area that handpicked ark shells must be more than 7.5 centimeters.

Locals said: "There are several 'disturbances' caused by ark shells like this every year, but I have really never seen so many like this…"

Everyone who comes to the coast of Hokuto is loaded with goods.

A local even advised the reporter to pick more and said that ark shells are very delicious no matter how they are cooked, and "butter ark shells" grilled over charcoal are the ultimate delicacy in the world. "

While the reporter was interviewing, he also met a man who drove for an hour specifically to pick up ark shells. The man said that ark shells have been washed ashore by the waves all the time, and you can pick up as much as you want, and you can't finish picking them up.

Since one person can't finish eating, the man will divide the picked ark shells every time, and then send them to the homes of friends, and then go to visit his grandmother and leave some for her. Finally, the remaining ark shells will be peeled and frozen.

So why are there so many ark shells washed ashore?

The person in charge of the local ark shell museum said to the reporter while showing the ark shell from 30 years ago: "When the spring wind is strong or the autumn typhoon is coming, the waves will become very rough. this time, the ark shells will be washed ashore by the waves. There will be one or two times a year.

However, I have seen this scene for the first time where so many ark shells are washed ashore. It's incredible, and I'm also wondering what happened… "

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