The Japan Immigration Agency will introduce a prior confirmation system for foreigners entering the country

According to the latest news from the Japan Immigration Administration, in order to solve problems such as airport congestion and counter-terrorism caused by too many foreigners entering the country, the Japan Immigration Administration announced that it will introduce a pre-confirmation system for foreigners entering the country next year!

It is understood that after the pre-confirmation system for incoming foreigners is put into operation, the Japanese Immigration Control Bureau will share information with airlines from various countries. When foreigners check in at the departure airport, the Japanese Immigration Bureau will confirm personal information at the same time. If a "problem" occurs, the airline may immediately stop checking in for the passenger to Japan!

In the following situations, Japanese Immigration Control will notify the airline that the passenger may be refused entry to Japan after arriving in Japan, and it will be up to the airline to decide whether to continue check-in for the passenger.
1: The passenger’s name appears on an international terrorist list.
2: Foreigners who have been sentenced to more than one year of actual imprisonment in Japan or other countries.
3: Foreigners who have illegal stay in Japan.
It is understood that currently, nearly 10,000 foreigners are refused entry to Japan due to various reasons after arriving in Japan every year, and the Japanese government bears the costs incurred by many of these foreigners who refuse to return to their country when they are forcibly repatriated.

According to the Japan Immigration Agency: Similar systems have already been used in countries such as the United States and South Korea. Japan hopes that the introduction of this system can slow down the busyness of entry airports across Japan and help counter-terrorism!

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