The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's 2 helicopters collided and crashed, with 1 dead and 7 missing.

Two SH60K patrol helicopters of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force collided and crashed one after another during the night anti-submarine training near the Izu Islands on Saturday (the 20th). A total of 8 people were on board, only 1 person has been found so far, and has been confirmed dead, and the other 7 people are still missing.

The Ministry of Defense said that one helicopter lost communication at about 10:30 last night and sent an emergency signal 1 minute later; another helicopter also lost contact in the same sea area around 11 o'clock. Each of the two helicopters carried 4 people. Self-Defense Force officials said that there were no other countries' aircraft or vessels in the area of the scene, and it is believed that the incident does not involve other countries.

Defense Minister Kihara Minoru said at an emergency press conference in the early morning that a total of 8 warships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force and 5 aircraft of the Maritime Security Department participated in the search, emphasizing that they would do their best to rescue the remaining missing crew members. He also said that objects believed to be parts of the helicopter wreckage were found during the search.

Some reports said that the Maritime Self-Defense Force has salvaged the relevant fuselage. Kihara Minoru said that there were a total of 8 Maritime Self-Defense Force warships, 5 aircraft, and 2 Japanese Coast Guard vessels participating in the training last night.

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