Continuous heavy rain in many places in southern China, and the Beijiang River has seen a major flood again in two years.

Heavy rain continues in many places in Guangdong, and 32 hydrological stations in the province have exceeded the warning water level. The relevant departments predict that the Beijiang River in the Pearl River basin will experience a flood once in 50 years.

At 18:00 on the evening of April 20, the water level in Yingde, Guangdong has approached 31 meters. On the same day, Guangdong Province raised the flood control level to level two and issued corresponding warnings. The warning indicates that the water level on the evening of April 21 may reach 33.5 meters, close to 35.93 meters in 2022, and some local merchants in the area just experienced the same situation two weeks ago.

The local meteorological department said that many places in the northern counties and cities of Guangdong have already experienced heavy rain, and the future rainfall will still continue, and the risk of river floods, mountain floods, geological disasters, urban and rural waterlogging, etc. will further increase, and the flood control situation is very serious.

The authorities require the towns along the river to do a good job in defense work, and the relevant units and the public to avoid risks and reduce disasters in a timely manner. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail is affected by the bad weather in Guangdong Province.

The Transport Department said that the G6114 high-speed train from West Kowloon, Hong Kong to Changsha South, which was originally scheduled to leave around 5:00 p.m., will be delayed by about an hour.

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