The United States asks South Korea to restrict exports of semiconductor technology. China, Hebei and South Korea hope to make correct judgments

Foreign media quoted news that the United States has asked South Korea to adopt restrictive measures similar to those already adopted by the United States regarding South Korea's export of semiconductor technology to China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that China and South Korea have close economic ties, highly interconnected production and supply chains, and the upstream and downstream semiconductor industries. We hope that South Korea will make correct judgments and make independent decisions.

Wang Wenbin pointed out that trade and scientific and technological cooperation between countries should be conducive to maintaining the stability and smoothness of the global production and supply chain, maintaining a free and open international economic and trade order, and should not target third parties or harm the interests of third parties. In order to maintain its hegemony, the United States politicizes, instrumentalizes, and weaponizes economic, trade, and scientific and technological issues, and does so at the expense of the interests of its allies.

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