Japan's oldest  panda Tan Tan dies at 28

The 29-year-old female giant panda Tan Tan at KOBE Oji Zoo in Japan died last night due to the deterioration of heart disease.

The China Wildlife Conservation Association announced that Tan Tan was diagnosed with senile heart disease in 2021. Since last month 13th, Tan Tan's condition has continued to deteriorate, she began to refuse to eat, and even refused to drink water at one time and had symptoms such as convulsions. Japanese and Chinese experts continued to rescue, but the rescue was ineffective and died last night. Experts said that a 29-year-old giant panda is equivalent to a nearly 100-year-old human.

Both Japan and China will strictly follow the provisions of the cooperation agreement, properly keep Tan Tan's body, and after professional processing, transport the specimen back to the country in a timely manner.

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