Iran reportedly notified Moscow ahead of Russia terror attack

Iran reportedly informed Russia of possible attacks on Russia before a terrorist attack occurred at a concert hall in the suburbs of Moscow, Russia.

Reuters quoted sources as reporting that a few days before the terrorist attack, Tehran shared information with Moscow about a possible large-scale terrorist attack in Russia. The information was obtained by Iran during the interrogation of people arrested in connection with the domestic bombing attack.

The source also said that the information provided by Iran lacked specific details of time and exact targets. It only said that members of the Khorasan branch of the Islamic State were instructed to prepare for a major operation in Russia. Some captured terrorists said that some members had already traveled to Russia.

Since Iran has been a victim of terrorist attacks for many years, the Iranian government has fulfilled its obligation to issue a warning to Russia. Kremlin spokesman Peskov responded to the report by saying he knew nothing about it. Iran's Foreign Ministry did not respond.

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