A tsunami warning has been issued in Okinawa, Japan! A 7.5-magnitude earthquake occurred near the sea area of Taiwan.

Affected by this earthquake, a tsunami warning has been issued in Okinawa, Japan. It is expected that the tsunami will arrive at the Okinawa main island at 10 am on the 3rd, with a maximum of 3 meters. According to Japan's experience, when the tsunami exceeds 20 centimeters, ordinary adults will have difficulty moving, and when it exceeds 70 centimeters, ordinary adults will be directly washed away. Currently, major Japanese TV stations are live-streaming the tsunami that this earthquake may trigger on the beach.

Friends near the coast in Japan are also requested to stay away from the coastline. The latest news obtained so far shows that the largest seismic magnitude on land in Japan occurred in Yonagunmachi, Okinawa Prefecture, with a maximum seismic magnitude of 4.

According to the flash report,around 9:11 after the first earthquake, another 6.6-magnitude earthquake occurred near the waters of Taiwan!

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