Translation: The Takarazuka Opera Company finally admits collective bullying.

In September 2023, Inoue Nami (stage name: Ai Ki), a 25-year-old female actress in the "Jupiter" troupe of the Takarazuka Opera Company, a national music troupe in Japan, fell to her death from an apartment. Subsequently, her mother accused her of being collectively bullied in the troupe before her death, including being burned on the forehead with a curling iron by her seniors and working overtime. In November last year, the troupe still insisted that "there is no evidence of bullying or harassment."

More than six months after the incident, on March 28, the Takarazuka Opera Company changed its previous denial and admitted to 14 acts of bullying at a press conference and apologized to the families of the deceased. The troupe said that among the 10 involved, six had written handwritten apology letters to the victim's family, one would submit them in the future, and the remaining three would not submit apology letters.

In response, Japanese netizens have strongly criticized: "Is it enough to just write a letter? It's not even certain if it's handwritten. If you really have remorse, you must directly apologize to the family." "The perpetrators can still stay in the Takarazuka and don't have to face the family. Just writing a letter is over? Don't joke."

Regarding the incident of the female actress in the Takarazuka Opera Company Jupiter troupe falling to her death in the apartment last year, the opera company held a press conference on March 28, admitting the existence of bullying within the group, apologizing to the families of the deceased, and signing a compensation-related agreement with the bereaved family.

The family of the deceased accused the senior predecessors of the troupe of bullying and harassment, but at last year's press conference, the Takarazuka Opera Company denied the existence of bullying and power harassment. The new chairman even suggested: "I suggest presenting the evidence (of bullying and harassment)." This statement was criticized and condemned by many fans.

After that, the bereaved family submitted a opinion paper to the Takarazuka Opera Company last year. The deceased had previously told her mother on LINE about the terrifying experiences she had encountered, such as "being burned" and "feeling like being intentionally hurt by the seniors."

The agent lawyer of the bereaved family also held a press conference on the 28th, pointing out that at least 10 senior cadres and performance-related personnel of the Jupiter troupe, etc., are related to the fact of bullying the deceased. Among them, "there are 4 senior cadres of the Jupiter troupe, 3 senior predecessors of the Jupiter troupe, 2 producers of the troupe, and 1 performance person in charge."

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