The United States plans to strengthen the functions of the US military headquarters in Japan

Japan's Kyodo News quoted U.S. and Japanese diplomatic sources as reporting that the United States has basically decided to strengthen the functions of the U.S. Forces Japan Command. Based on China's pressure on Taiwan and North Korea's continued development of nuclear weapons and missiles, it believes it is necessary to enhance the mutual use of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. military. nature, and strive to improve joint response capabilities.

Reports indicate that Japan’s Unified Operations Command will be launched at the end of 2024. The command is a permanent organization that uniformly commands the Land, Sea and Air Self-Defense Forces. The U.S. government will strengthen the functions of the U.S. Forces Japan Command and strive for smooth cooperation with the command. The two sides will agree to modify the command mechanism at the Japan-U.S. summit meeting in Washington on the 10th of next month, and will issue a joint document after the meeting. .

Currently, the command of the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet and Marine Corps stationed in Japan is controlled by the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii. Due to the time difference between Hawaii and Tokyo, it is difficult for the United States and Japan to coordinate and grasp the situation or conduct command and control in real time. If the United States and Japan adjust command and control, the authority of the US military headquarters in Japan may be strengthened to plan US-Japan joint exercises, coordinate with the Japan Self-Defense Forces' Unified Operations Command, and implement information sharing and material dispatch.

The report also stated that the United States and Japan may establish a permanent US-Japan joint team in Japan to facilitate coordination between the two countries' forces.

The British "Financial Times" also reported that the United States and Japan plan to make the most significant update to the "U.S.-Japan Security Treaty" since it was signed in 1960, including adjustments to the U.S. military headquarters in Japan. It is expected to be announced at the U.S.-Japan summit next month.

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