Nicaragua announces the severance of cuts diplomatic with Ecuador

Local time on April 6, the Nicaraguan government announced in a notice that Nicaragua will sever diplomatic relations with Ecuador immediately. The Nicaraguan government condemned in the notice the act of the Ecuadorian police entering the Mexican embassy in Ecuador on the 5th, claiming that this was a blatant violation of international law, and therefore announced the severance of all diplomatic relations with the Ecuadorian government.
Up to now, Ecuador has not responded.
According to Ecuadorian media reports, on the evening of April 5, the Ecuadorian security forces drove armored vehicles into the Mexican embassy in Ecuador and arrested former Vice President Glass who was in the embassy. The presidential palace of Ecuador subsequently issued a notice stating that the security forces had arrested Glas.
Glass served as the former president Correa's deputy from 2013 to 2017. Since applying for political asylum in Mexico on December 17 last year, he has been in the Mexican embassy in Ecuador. Since then, the Mexican government has rejected Ecuador's request to enter the embassy to arrest Glass. On April 5 this year, Mexico asked Glass to leave Ecuador within the framework of the diplomatic asylum convention. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then issued a statement announcing that it would not provide a safe passage for Glas.

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