Strange scenes in Tokyo Bay, Japan: Corals grow wildly and tropical fish increase.

According to a report by Japanese TV on April 6, in the past two years, the water temperature on the sea near Japan has continued to set a new record. Due to the warming of the sea water, "strange scenes" continue to appear in the ecosystem of Tokyo Bay.

Japanese TV said that the coral reefs in Tokyo Bay have been growing wildly in recent years. Large corals continue to extend and grow on the seabed, and the types are gradually increasing. Local divers confirmed that the number of corals has been increasing in the past five or six years. Researchers at Tsukuba University believe that if the sea water temperature rises, the growth rate of corals will also increase.

However, the growth of corals has not caused trouble to the local fishing industry. What concerns the fishermen in Tokyo Bay is the increasing number of warm-water fish in recent years. Staff at Katsuyama Fishing Port in Tokyo Bay said that the fished fish are all tropical fish, "With the warming of the sea water, the types of fish have changed, and many fishermen have changed careers as a result."

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