Kim Yo Jong: North Korea refuses any contact with Japan

Kim Yo-jong, deputy director of the Central Committee of the North Korean Workers' Party, issued a statement through the Korean Central News Agency, saying that North Korea will completely avoid and refuse any contact and negotiation with Japan.

Kim Yo Jong said that the Japanese government simply does not have the courage to change history, seek regional peace and stability, and take the first step in new North Korea-Japan relations. He pointed out that Japan raised the nuclear missile issue that has nothing to do with itself and attempted to interfere with North Korea's exercise of legitimate defense rights.

Kim Yo Jong said that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's remarks about the North Korea-Japan summit talks were purely for political purposes, emphasizing that the North Korean government once again has a clear understanding of Japan's attitude.

The Korean Central News Agency reported earlier that Kim Yo Jong expressed Japan's intention to hold a summit meeting between the two countries, affirmed North Korea's position, and asked Japan to make a political decision to improve relations between the two countries.

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