A shooting incident occurred in the downtown area of Tokyo and made a stir in Japan!

At first, the Japanese police did not disclose the inside story of the shooting case. The only information that everyone knew was "in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, a police officer shot at a 21-year-old young man who drove the car towards himself. At that time, the shooting scene occurred in a residential area. Due to the young man who was shot immediately drove away after being shot, it caused a panic among the inhabitants of the region.

As time passed, the cause and effect of the case gradually became clear.

This shooting incident occurred around 7 o'clock in the morning on the 19th, and the location of the incident was in the residential area between Hatsudai Station and Hatagaya Station. When the reporter arrived at the scene at noon, they could still see the car glass fragments left after the shooting on the narrow road in the residential block. The police said: around 7 o'clock in the morning, after receiving the alarm call of "someone arguing", they immediately sent people to the scene. At that time, a young man was sitting in the driver's seat. After the on-site police asked the other party to stop twice, the other party not only did not listen, but also drove straight towards the position where the police was.

"At that time, the car passed through here at a particularly fast speed…"
According to nearby residents, after the incident, the vehicle immediately fled to the north after the incident. About 30 minutes later, the vehicle was found near Hatagaya Station, about 1 kilometer away from the scene of the incident. According to people who witnessed the arrest scene, "It was probably around 7:14 in the morning, and I saw a couple sitting near the flower bed outside the house, and then a police officer on a bicycle came. He suddenly asked, 'Who drove the car?' Before I could react, a bunch of police officers came. At this time, the man was sitting on the ground, and the woman next to him began to talk to the police, and she was crying and saying something during the period. It probably took about 13 minutes, and the man was handcuffed by the police, but he looked very reluctant. At this time, a police officer said, 'The ambulance has arrived, hurry up and get on the stretcher.' Then the man who had just been sitting on the ground became excited and shouted at the police, 'Don't touch me, it hurts.'

I don't know who said let me take a look at the wound, and then the man took off his pants. I saw that there was a dark red wound about 10 centimeters long on his thigh at that time."

It is understood that the person who was arrested by the Japanese police was a suspect named Tanaka Riku (21 years old) with an unknown profession, and the suspect lived in a house near the place where the incident occurred. Neighbors around revealed that Tanaka and his mother and siblings lived together, and they usually greeted each other when they met, looking like a very ordinary person in society.

The police said that before the shooting incident occurred, Tanaka and a woman sitting in the front passenger seat and two other women had a quarrel together. At present, it has not been found that Tanaka showed any signs of taking drugs or drinking alcohol at the time of the incident.

In Japan, although the police are equipped with guns, the threshold for allowing them to shoot is very high. At present, everyone is very concerned about the future direction of this case.

However, Mr. Sasaki Seishin, who once worked in the First Investigative Section of the Saitama Prefectural Police, said in an interview with the media: "If the vehicle is heading towards the police officer, I think the use of weapons can be used as a deterrent to resistance to the performance of official duties, which belongs to the case of justifiable self-defense and emergency evacuation."

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