The largest power plant in eastern Ukraine was destroyed by Russian missile attacks.

Ukrainian media reported that the Zmiivska Thermal Power Plant, the largest power plant in eastern Ukraine, located in Kharkiv, has been destroyed in the Russian missile attacks last week.

The Russian side has not yet responded. A statement released by the energy company in central Ukraine on its official website said that the attack damaged all equipment in the power plant, and most of it could not be used. At present, it is still impossible to assess the extent of equipment damage, the time and funds required for repair.

Ukrainian Energy Minister Galushchenko said during an inspection of the damage to the power plant that all resources will be mobilized to help the power plant resume operation.

Local experts said that since the Russian army launched a large-scale air raid on Ukraine's energy facilities on the 22nd of this month, Ukraine has lost about 10% of its power generation capacity, and the damaged power facilities will be difficult to repair in a short time. In the peak power consumption in mid-to-late July this year, Ukraine is likely to face a severe power shortage.

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