Russia continues to bomb Ukraine. Zelenskyy warns that without ammunition, they can only retreat.

The Russo-Ukrainian war continues. On March 29, Russia launched missile and drone attacks on Ukraine. Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal (Denys Shmyhal) said that many energy facilities were damaged.
Shmyhal said that this attack not only damaged power stations but also affected the distribution system. The state energy company announced that three areas, including Zaporizhzhia, had an emergency power outage and called on other users to reduce electricity consumption.
The Ukrainian military said that their air force successfully shot down 58 of the 60 Russian drones and 26 different types of missiles.
Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Syrsky (Oleksandr Syrskyi) said that the firepower of the Ukrainian army on the front line is about one-sixth of that of the Russian army, and the Ukrainian army is fighting on a broad front line, but there is a serious shortage of weapons and ammunition.
President Zelenskyy (Volodymyr Zelenskyy) said in an interview with The Washington Post that due to the obstruction of the US Congress, many promised weapons and ammunition could not be delivered, and the Ukrainian army had to retreat.

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