Zelenskyy signs bill lowering conscription age to 25

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy signed a bill lowering the age at which people can be mobilized to perform combat missions from 27 to 25, which is expected to bring more combat effectiveness to the war with Russia. It is not clear how many men in Ukraine will be affected.

In fact, the relevant bill was handed to Zelenskyy in May last year. The Ukrainian parliament had previously voted to pass the bill, but Zelenskyy had not signed it. It is not clear what prompted him to approve the bill on Tuesday (2nd). However, at the end of last year, he said that he would only sign the bill if there were sufficient strong justifications to support it.

Zelenskyy earlier warned that Russia could launch a new offensive in this spring or summer, and Kyiv has been strengthening its defences on the front line recently.

In February this year, Zelenskyy publicly stated that the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in combat reached 31,000, which was the first official announcement of the number of deaths since the nearly two-year outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war. However, US officials put the minimum number of deaths at 70,000 and the number of injured at 120,000.

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