The Japan-Japanese team stirred up controversy by publishing an article about the "Greater East Asia War"

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The 32nd General Regiment of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force posted a post on the official social platform, using the term "Greater East Asia War" which was banned after World War II, causing controversy.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Lin Fang said at a press conference that the government generally does not use the term "Greater East Asia War" in archives. When asked about his views on the post, he said it is difficult to generalize. The Ministry of Defense is currently confirming factual relationship.

According to Japanese media reports, the term "Greater East Asia War" was published shortly after the war began in December 1941. It was used as the official name for the "Pacific War". After the war, it was banned from use by the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces in Japan. The Japanese government's official Also disabled in the file.

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