The US and South Korea respond to North Korea's development of weapons.

The US and South Korea have established a new consultation mechanism to more effectively cut off the core resources and funding chains needed for North Korea's nuclear and missile research and development.

Yonhap News Agency quoted the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying that the first meeting of the enhanced cutoff working group between South Korea and the US was held in the US yesterday (26th), focusing on discussions such as the import volume of refined oil from North Korea exceeding the upper limit set by the UN Security Council resolution, and the response plan.

Both sides pointed out that North Korea mainly obtains refined oil through illegal cooperation with enterprises and individuals within the region, and agreed to actively discuss plans such as imposing unilateral sanctions on individuals and enterprises involved in the export of refined oil to North Korea. The two sides also expressed concern about the possibility of Russia providing refined oil to North Korea and discussed plans to prevent illegal cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

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