Red koji storm: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical does not rule out the involvement of mold

The storm over red koji health supplements from Japanese Kobayashi Pharmaceutical continues to expand, with the suspected number of deaths related to the supplement rising to five and the number of hospitalizations rising to 114.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical President Kobayashi Akihiro held a press conference and bowed again to apologize for the incident. He said that the incident has caused a serious social problem and he deeply regrets it, emphasizing that he will take seriously the severe criticism from the outside world, reflect deeply, and continue to investigate the incident to prevent the expansion of the storm.

Kobayashi Akihiro also said that he will assist relevant companies in recalling related products sold overseas, including red koji cholesterol granules and red koji exported as raw materials. He promised that if it is found that there is a causal relationship between the company's products and health damage, the plan for handling overseas and Japanese consumers will be treated equally.

Regarding the component that causes health damage, senior officials of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical said that it may be generated from mold, but it has not been clearly determined which structure it is. The company will cooperate with the Japanese government and research institutions to speed up the determination of the pathogenic substance.

Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Takei Keizo said that a consultation center will be set up together with the Consumer Affairs Agency to allow consumers who have taken the involved products and related companies to inquire. At the same time, a red koji product countermeasures provincial and hall cooperation room will be established within the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, so that relevant departments can share information.

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