Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov visits China

According to news released by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov started a two-day trip to Beijing on Monday. During his visit to China, he is expected to meet with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to discuss other focus issues such as the Ukraine war.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov arrived in Beijing on April 8 for a two-day visit to China, during which he will hold talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the news on April 7. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will visit China from 8 to 9 at the invitation of Wang Yi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will arrive in Beijing on Monday and will hold talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, including deepening bilateral cooperation and "hot topics" such as the Ukraine and Asia-Pacific crises. Prior to this, Lavrov praised the initiative proposed by mainland China to solve the Ukrainian issue as "the clearest and most reasonable solution so far", reflecting the close position of Moscow and Beijing.

Reuters reported that last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he would go to Beijing in May this year to hold talks with Xi, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China. This will be Putin's first overseas visit after being re-elected as president for the fifth time.

Putin's last visit to Beijing was in February 2022, a few days after the all-out war between Russia and Ukraine. At that time, although Xi Jinping did not express support for Russia's actions, he announced "the establishment of an unrestricted partnership with Russia."

The United States regards mainland China as its biggest economic and national power competitor, and Russia as its biggest nation-state threat. Therefore, it is very challenging for the United States to have its two largest international rivals tied together. matter.

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