Iran may strike Israel within 48 hours.

Bloomberg cited informed sources as reporting that Israel is preparing for a possible direct or through its agents' attack by Iran within a few days, and Iran may carry out unmanned aerial vehicle and missile strikes on the country's government targets. This operation could potentially trigger a full-scale war in the region.

Informed sources said the attack is expected to occur within 48 hours at the earliest. They indicated that one scenario is to launch an attack on Israel from Iran itself, which would be unprecedented.

The informed sources also said that the operation has not yet been approved by the highest-level officials in Tehran. They said that the US is preparing for defense measures and further mobilizing military assets to the region while increasing diplomatic efforts to contain hostile actions.

Iran's embassies and consulates in Syria were attacked last week, resulting in casualties. The Iranian side identified Israel as the culprit of the attack and vowed to take revenge. Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei has repeatedly stated that Israel will be "punished" for the attack incident, but has not specified what kind of retaliatory action will be taken.

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