China: Cyberattacks on Britain are purely malicious slander and lodge stern representations

The Chinese Embassy in the UK stated that the British claim that China carried out a cyber attack on the UK is purely unfounded and malicious slander. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns it and has lodged stern representations with the UK.

The Embassy in the UK issued a statement saying that the British government made baseless claims that China had carried out a cyber attack on the UK and announced sanctions on two Chinese individuals and one entity. The embassy strongly condemns the bad behavior of the British side.

The statement stated that China is one of the main victims of cyber attacks and has always resolutely stopped and severely cracked down on all types of malicious cyber activities in accordance with the law and has never encouraged, supported or condoned cyber attacks. China has always adhered to the principle of non-interference in each other's internal affairs and has no interest or need to interfere in the UK's internal affairs.

China has always opposed illegal unilateral sanctions and will naturally respond to the British actions as necessary. China also strongly urges the British side to immediately stop spreading false information about China, stop directing and performing anti-China farces, and not to go further down the path of error and failure.

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