Breaking news! Russia launches large-scale attacks.

Local time on March 29, Ukrainian Air Force Commander Oleshuk posted on social platforms that early in the morning on the same day, the Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 84 air targets. The Russian army launched a large-scale attack on the infrastructure of the Ukrainian fuel and energy sectors, using 39 various types of missiles and 60 attack drones. The Ukrainian air defense forces destroyed 58 of the attack drones and 26 missiles.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Klimenko said on the same day that the Russian army attacked 10 areas of the country in the early morning with missiles and drones, causing damage to many energy infrastructure, private residences, etc., and causing 6 injuries.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmygal said on social platforms that the large-scale attack by the Russian army on Ukraine on the same day caused damage to the energy infrastructure in six regions including Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia, and Ivano-Frankivsk, and some areas implemented emergency power outage measures.

According to the report of the Ukrainian National News Agency, earlier on the 29th, the Russian army attacked three thermal power plants of the Ukrainian DTEK company, causing damage to the equipment of the power plant and injuring an engineer.

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